My Work

I am an embroidery and mixed media artist creating botanical sculptures, decorations and wearable pieces using free-motion embroidery techniques onto silk fabric and soluble material, recreating botanical detail down to the stamen, roots, moss and soil entirely made from thread.

Each part of the flower is created, stiffened and shaped, then built onto a wire frame and set in a variety of found and vintage items or equipment such as specimen jars and boxes. I use deadstock silks and eco-friendly materials as much as possible.

I am inspired by the outstanding countryside that surrounds me, working with the seasons, collecting and dissecting flora for botanical accuracy as much as possible.

My presentation is influenced by antique botanical illustrations and Victorian curiosities. Although my work is whimsical in nature, there is a deeper significance. I am interested in the plight of our endangered and rare flora; with the environmental impact this has on our eco-system. Just like the C19th taxidermy of now rare endangered species, rare botanicals are ‘preserved’ in glass jars as the only remaining examples we have left.

I am open to commission both big and small! Please do get in touch if there is something special you require.

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I had hoped to add my wearable textile b

I make small pieces of wearable jewellery alongside my bigger pieces. Embroidered on silk and taffeta fabrics, they are lightweight and detailed, with a silver plated brooch fixing at the back.

since 2019 I have exhibited at MAKE exhibition, Devon Guild of Crafters, sold at craft fairs and artisan events across the south west of England, and my work can be purchased online and in selected Makers and Crafts shops and galleries.

A new batch of violets in progress on my