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  • Catkins

    Catkin sprigs set in antique glass bottles.

    Created from fabric and thread.


    The first flowering trees in Winter, the Hazel is steeped in a history as old as the land where they grow. 'Lamb's Tails' - a potent charm for good lambing, sprigs brought into the house for luck and protection, to the use of Hazel wood in divinity rods, these trees have held significance for over a thousand years, and herald one of the first signs of Spring to the British countryside and hedgerows today.


    These catkins are made with stitched thread, set on a thread wrapped wire frame. Each sprig is set in it's own unique antique glass bottle. Very Limited Series.


    Bottle A - 11cmH x 6cmW

    Bottle B - 13.5cmH x 8cmW

    Bottle C - 15.9cmH x 9.5cmW

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